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Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape


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Molnlycke Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape is a highly conformable, easily applicable, and easily removable medical tape. Mepitac tape uses Molnlycke’s Safetac technology which assures secure fixation and atraumatic removal from the skin.

Mepitac Tape is commonly found in the neo-natal hospital unit because Mepitac is an ideal tape solution for patients with fragile and sensitive skin. It can also be found in the dialysis center because Mepitac can be lifted and re-applied making it an ideal tape for areas that need to be inspected and repositioned. Mepitac is designed for fixation of medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, IV cannulae and dressings. Mepitac offers gentle skin protection when used under tubes or other medical devices.

Molnlycke Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape is made of a soft silicone contact layer, a knitted fabric, and a breathable polyurethane film. Since silicone is inert, it does not interact chemically with the wound or have any effect upon the cells responsible for the healing process. Furthermore, because soft silicone dressings are easily removed, they do not traumatize the wound or the surrounding skin and therefore do not interfere with wound healing.

Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape can even be beneficial in scar management, similar to the Mepiform Silicone Gel Sheeting as the soft silicone layer does not penetrate the skin or the scar. It flows over the uneven surface to create a large effective contact area over the surface, the skin and/or the scar. It is very soft and comfortable which conforms well to body contours and does not leave residue on the skin after removal.

Mepitac Silicone Tape Features and Benefits
• Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing changes.
• Extremely soft and comfortable.
• One Mepitac dressing can be used for several days.
• Can be repositioned easily.

Mepitac Silicone Tape Specifications
• Product Numbers: 298300, 298400
• Width Options: 3/4 Inches or 1-1/2 Inches
• Length Options: 118 Inches or 59 Inches
• Waterproof
• HCPCS Code: A4452

Additional information


0.8 Inch x 3.3 Yard – Each, 3/4 x 118 inch – Role of 1, 0.8 Inch x 3.3 Yard – Case of 12, 1.5 Inch x 59 Inch – Each, 1.5 Inch x 59 Inch – Case of 12




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